Slewing bearings for solar and wind power generation equipment

Solar and wind power generation equipment Wind turbine slewing bearing is a kind of super large bearing, which is mainly used for rotor changing and yaw system. The load is complicated, and it is very difficult to disassemble and install and maintain, so the design and manufacture of wind turbine slewing bearing are strict. Wind turbine uses one set of yaw bearings and three sets of variable rotor bearings. The material of yaw and variable rotor bearing rings is 42CrMo.


The heat treatment is overall quenching and tempering, and the raceway surface is hardened. The force of yaw and variable rotor bearings is complex, and the impact and vibration are relatively large. Therefore, the bearing is required to bear both impact and large load.




Fan rotor slewing support

The function of the rotary bearing is to rotate the blade installed on the hub. The outer ring is connected with the hub by bolts, and the inner ring is connected with the blade.

When the wind speed is too high or too low, the Angle of attack of air flow to the blades is changed by adjusting the pitch of the blades, so as to change the aerodynamic torque obtained by the wind turbine.

Keep the power output stable. At the same time, the starting process of the fan also needs to get enough starting distance by varying the pitch.

Slewing bearing is characterized by poor application environment, small diameter, large anti-overturning moment and high maintenance cost.

"0" clearance assembly and surface anti-corrosion treatment to ensure high reliability and long life.




Yaw slewing bearing

The yaw bearing is used to rotate the engine room on top of the tower. The gear ring is connected with the tower cylinder flange through bolts, and the gear ring is connected with the engine room main frame without gear ring, so as to keep the fan facing the wind, deviating from the wind direction or releasing the cable when the cable is excessively twisted.