Recognition | SKF Wins GAC Toyota
Release time:2024-06-04
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Recently, SKF, with its strong R&D capability, strict quality management and excellent customer service, has been evaluated by GAC Toyota as Grade A quality for the fourth consecutive year, maintaining the record of zero PPM, and has won the ‘Quality Co-operation Award’ for three consecutive years. This is a recognition of SKF's continuous efforts and outstanding performance in the automotive industry, and will be a strong impetus to continue to promote the progress of the industry in the future.

As a leading supplier to the global automotive industry, SKF supplies MSBU MacPherson bearings to GAC Toyota, which are recognised for their high quality and stable performance. This bearing adopts the latest technology and design to ensure high performance and long durability to meet GAC Toyota's stringent requirements.

MSBU MacPherson bearing

SKF has launched a variety of bearing solutions for suspension systems. Among them, McPherson suspension bearing unit has been widely noticed and recognised by the industry.

Suspension systems enhance safety and comfort by improving handling and braking performance, and increase passenger comfort by reducing road noise, easing bumps and reducing vibration. The bearings are at the heart of this, helping to find the optimum balance between vehicle handling and passenger comfort when adjusting the suspension.


SKF has always been customer-focused and committed to providing the highest quality products and services. It will step up its efforts in improving quality and efficiency to meet customers' needs and expectations, provide excellent solutions for automotive companies, and help them move to a higher level.

SKF has been promoting the acceleration of future mobility in China with its expertise in smart and clean, contributing to the creation of greener and smarter mobility.